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Welcome to Debby HQ, your #1 source for Debby Ryan! We are a fansite for the talented Debby Ryan. You might know Debby from The Suite Life On Deck. Our gallery has over 2,000 pictures, so check them out! Please take a look around the site, please check out the site again!


2013 LA Film Festival The Way, Way Back
Posted on Jun 28 2013 · by Tasha ·

Whats up Deboraliens?

I hope you guys are all having awesome summers so far! Im not on summer holidays yet but I am looking forward to it. My laptop recently broke so sorry for this late update, however last week Debby attended the premiere of The Way, Way Back at the 2013 LA Film Festival. Ive loaded a bunch of MQ and tons of HQ images from this premiere to the gallery, so be sure to check it out. Debby went for a softer makeup look this time and a beautiful light blue dress, have a look at all the images in our gallery!

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Event] 40th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards Max Mara W Magazine Cocktail Party>
Posted on Jun 15 2013 · by Tasha

Whats up Deboraliens!

Yesterday Debby attended the 40th Annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards, her India Project was nominated as a documentary but unfortunately it didnt win, she posted this on Facebook earlier about the event:

40th Annual Daytime Emmys fashion. My India project was nominated as a documentary, it didnt win but I was so proud to be there. I chose to wear Naeem Khan, a talented designer from India. It was so awesome to be there in that beautiful dress designed by a man from the country that has become my heartbeat.

Ive uploaded a bunch of pictures from this event of Debby in her stunning dress, so be sure to check them out!

Ive also uploaded pictures from an event Debby attended earlier in the week so check those out as well!

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[Music] Debbys Album Update
Posted on Jun 11 2013 · by Tasha 

Whats up guys!

So a while ago in Debbys NKD Magazine interview she spoke about her debut album, including its release and what its sound will be like. She spoke of an end of Summer release for it and it looks like its coming along well! Last night she tweeted this.

Looks like it wont be long to wait!

Im super excited to hear Debbys sound, shes described it as If Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and the Lumineers, and Mumford & Sons, and April Smith and the Great Picture Show, and the Hush Sound, and Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry and Tom Petty all had a baby in a carnival in the Old West, thats what the record will sound like. To me this sounds like its gonna be something definitely worth the purchase and listen to, not to mention they will all have been produced in her home studio of her own accord!

Are you guys excited for Debbys album & will you be picking up a copy?

Look out for it soon, will update as more details come in!

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[Event] Just Jared Summer Kickoff Party
Posted on Jun 10 2013 · by Tasha 

Hey Deboraliens!

Sorry this update is coming so late, been busy with my exams but Im back and Ive uploaded pictures from the beginning of this month, at the Just Jared Summer Kickoff party on the first, Debby showed off her lighter coloured hair at this event and attended it with Emma! Be sure to check out the pics in the gallery!

You see my sunglasses? I was scrambling this morning trying to find my Ray Ban sunglasses with the round glasses frames that are matte gold with blue mirror polar lenses. They would have perfectly coordinated with my top. But they were no where to find. I also have a pair of satin silver with round blue mirror lenses from Dolomiti, but those were missing as well. So I had just wore the Revue Retro sunglasses that were already in my bag. Bummer, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and not sweat the little things.

Ive also uploaded some add ons from the last event Debby attended The KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta, so check these out too!

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[Exclusive] New Photoshoot!
Posted on May 20 2013 · by Tasha ·

Hey Deboraliens!

This is going to be my last update before I go on holiday for two weeks, so any site business after this post will not be handled until then as I will not have access to the internet. I will be back soon though.

However as my last update before my holiday and exams, I have uploaded a new and exclusive photoshoot to the site, it is untagged except for our site tags and in pretty good quality. This shoot was taken during Debbys January 2012 trip to London, the same month I met her! I get a bit excited when I see pictures from around this time. But anyway, I uploaded a bunch of these gorgeous images to our photogallery so be sure to check them out! Debby looks incredibly stunning in them.

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[Event] KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta
Posted on May 19 2013 · by Tasha 

Hey guys!

Yesterday Debby attended the KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta, wearing this gorgeous top with a starry wolf design on it. (I want that top okay guys) I uploaded some pictures to the gallery from this event, so be sure to check them out!

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[Event] NYLON Young Hollywood Party
Posted on May 18 2013 · by Tasha 

Whats up guys.

A few days ago Debby attended Nylons Annual Young Hollywood Party, Ive uploaded some HQ and MQ pictures from this event to the gallery, unfortunately I couldnt find many quality untagged images, but I will try to find more and will update the album accordingly when I do. For now check out these gorgeous pictures of Debby in our gallery!


In other news, just an update on me. On Monday I am going away on holiday for about a week and when I get back I am not going to be able to be coming online, I intend to crack down hard and study before my final exams for this year, I might pop on with quick updates but its unlikely. So if I am late and there are no updates for around 2-3 weeks, dont be alarmed. Im just trying to wrap up my college year on a high as I really need to do well on these exams to get into Uni. Thank you all for still visiting the site and supporting us! I know I havent been on my game as much this year as usual but college really is taking up a lot of my time these days. But seriously, thank you all you Deboraliens! You keep my spirits up and my motivation too. I love you guys.

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Happy 20th Birthday Debby! [+ New Layout More!]
Posted on May 13 2013 · by Tasha

Whats up Deboraliens!

First things first, you all know what today is, the 13th of May, 2013. Twenty years ago today, a star was born. Thats right guys, its Debby 20th Birthday today! It feels like just yesterday it was her 16th Birthday and all the gorgeous images from her Popstar sponsored party were out and we were all flailing over how adorable she looked. Now four years later its crazy to think how fast time flies by, but Im so happy to have been here supporting Debby since she was just 14-15 years old and starting out on The Suite Life, its been a long journey since then, for us fans and especially for Debby. Shes gone far since 2008 and I want to say congratulations to her. A birthday is not just a celebration of someone adding a new year to their age, its a celebration of their life and Debby has achieved so much in her life thus far and she just keeps going. With pitching her own shows and ideas to Jessie, getting behind the camera into producing work and making the music that she loves. I couldnt be more proud of her or more proud to call myself a Deboralien. I wish her the happiest day today celebrating with all her friends, family and loved ones and I wish her many more radical years to come! 20 today and I will still be wishing her a Happy Birthday 20 years from now when she turns 40, thank you for all the amazing work you do Debby being a true inspiration for me and many others. Have the best day and the greatest year ever!

In other news though, I have finally put the sites new layout up! What do you guys think of it? Let me know on Twitter or by shooting me an email, any issues with it also please let me know! I tried to go for a simpler theme this time as I know some people had trouble with the last loading slow.

Ive also uploaded a bunch of new images, including some exclusive photos from a photoshoot last year to celebrate Debbys birthday! As well as images from some other photoshoots, You can check all the new images out in the gallery. I also uploaded images from a recent event with Debby at Disney Land Orlando for Princess Meridas Coronation!

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Event+Candids] 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards Leaving the Chateau Marmont
Posted on Apr 28 2013 · by Tasha 

Hey out there Deboraliens!

Yesterday Debby attended the 2013 Radio Disney Music Awards and gift lounge, sporting a very cute hot pink dress. Ive uploaded a bunch of images from the carpet and gift lounge to the gallery and as soon as videos from these Awards come out I will be sure to be screencapping them, for now check out all the lovely pictures in our gallery!

Yesterday Debby was also spotting Leaving The Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Ive uploaded some large pictures of her spotted to the gallery and as per our candid policy I was sure to remove some of the ones I gathered as well. But theres still plenty for you guys to browse at, so check out these pics in the gallery.

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